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miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

Salamanca: Accommodation in Families and University Residences

They are usually the Language Schools or the University of Salamanca who will provide accommodation in a family or in a university residenceTypically charge for the allocation and management of said housing about 30 euros.

The homestay is used mainly by students of Spanish who want to practice your Spanish as much as possible while also learning and experiencing the local culture.
Prices per person per day guideline are as follows:

Double room: 19.50 €
Single room: 21.50 €
These prices include lodging, three meals and, where appropriate, food for the trips organized by the Language School.
Optionally, the student may request laundry and ironing. The price will be around € 12.50 per week and must be paid directly to the family.
No doubt this is an interesting option for visitors to Salamanca for a very short time and want to practice your Spanish. But without doubt, have less privacy and independence for children staying in an apartment or an apartment.

In a university residence

In the residence halls will have the opportunity to get in touch with people from very different backgrounds but have in Spanish the common vehicle of relationship.
Halls of residence owned by the University of Salamanca and associates have single or double rooms with private bathroom, internet access, and full board.

These prices include lodging, three meals and, where appropriate, food for the trips organized by the Language School you attend or the University of Salamanca
Since homes do not have them, residents are advised to carry towels for personal use.The apartments and shared rooms that you suggested in previous posts linen and towels are included, and you need not bring anything more than your personal stuff.
The residential accommodation is comfortable because you do not have to take care of organizing your meals, but has the disadvantage that you will welcome you to the schedules and specific standards.

If you prefer to share a flat with other students or rent an apartment or studio for your stay in Salamanca, do not forget to check out our other posts or visit the websites we recommend: apartments-salamanca.com and homesfortravellers.com
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