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miércoles, 18 de julio de 2012

Advantages of Learning Spanish in Salamanca

P1120323Salamanca is a city well known for its University, one of the oldest in Europe, its monuments (it is a World Heritage City by UNESCO, which is why is also called the Small Rome), colour (hence its name from Golden City) and its environment (day and night, due to the many students who harbours).

It is also said that Salamanca speak the purest Spanish.

These factors make Salamanca is chosen by many people who want to learn Spanish, and there are many Languages schools to learn Spanish, including the University of Salamanca. All of them with a deserved reputation because of the quality of their teaching.

But beyond these facts, it is important to highlight the benefits of learning Spanish in Salamanca with respect to other Spanish cities:

P11203401. - SIZE: Salamanca is a city small enough to be accessible and easy to move around and large enough to be lost if one wishes.
Size is a fundamental aspect to be integrated into the city to know and live with his people.

2. - SERVICES: Salamanca is a city of services. You'll find numerous shops in the pleasant pedestrian streets

3. - CULTURAL ACTIVITIES. Concerts, exhibitions, cinemas, theatres ... in Salamanca there is always something to do or visit

P10104944. - RESTAURANTS AND BARS: Salamanca is a city that attracts many Spanish tourists who come to enjoy its cuisine and its wide variety of "tapas bars". Salamanca still retains the tradition of "going wine", in which the bars will offer a "small tapa" free with cane or wine.

5. - Nightlife. The large number of students mean that Salamanca is characterized by an excellent nightlife: live music venues, cafes to chat quietly with friends, pubs and clubs with the most modern music ... The fun is guaranteed in Salamanca

IMG_00306. - GEOGRAPHIC SITUATION AND COMMUNICATIONS: Located in western Spain, Salamanca is less than 2 hours from Madrid, and one hour from Portugal. Why not take advantage to know the neighbouring country in a weekend getaway?
7. - SURROUNDINGS: The province of Salamanca is perfect for nature lovers and for those who want to learn Spanish traditions. It is worth visiting La Alberca and other towns in the Sierra de Francia, Ciudad Rodrigo, a pretty walled medieval city and the stunning scenery of Los Arribes del Duero, where Spain meets Portugal.

Estudio Azul-Salamanca-Santa Marta (42)8. - AFFORDABLE PRICES: Salamanca is affordable. Everything is cheaper than in other bigger cities. To begin, you will save transportation because Salamanca can be visited on foot or by bike.

The accommodation is extensive and varied. You can live with a family with the comfort of "having everything done." Or, if you want more independence, you can "  for as little as 10€/day having your room with private bathroom, or fully equipped and furnished at a very interesting price (from 300€ /month for stays longer than 3 months or 20€/day for one month stay). The apartment option is perfect for a couple or  friends.

Here are some useful links if you are interested in finding out more about accommodation in Salamanca: http://www.apartments-salamanca.com/apartments-en-125.htm, Homesfortravellers, and ,

History lives in Salamanca, and in Salamanca you will breathe life. You'll be immersed in Spanish life and you will not only learn the language, also you will learn a different way of living. That is the key and what makes Salamanca different respect to other Spanish cities.

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